Town of Kinderhook 2023 National Women’s History Month

“Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”

WHEREAS, March 2023 is National Women’s History Month and the theme is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”; and

WHEREAS, in our current environment of media and truth wars, the curtailing of citizens’ and human rights in some populations, record high inflation, food and housing insecurity, shortages in medicines and building materials and consumer goods, job losses and financial insecurity, women continue to be our storytellers - in print, on television and radio, and though artistic expression, both on stage and online and;

WHEREAS, women have served a major role in combating misinformation and documenting the human condition, thus serving the needs of the population of the United States and;

WHEREAS, in this year particularly, we are reminded of the importance of those who pursue the truth and give voice to that which would otherwise go unheard and unseen, who helped to promote and sustain the future, many of whom are women. Of particular note in Columbia County, we honor; Edna St. Vincent, a lyrical poet and playwright; Virginia Ann Catherine Cairns Callan, associate director of the Women’s Unit of the State of New York under Governor Rockefeller; Muriel K. Gibbons, a local reporter and public relations professional; Joan K. Davidson, the guiding force of Furthermore; Vicki Simons, publisher of the twice-weekly Independent newspaper; Edith Ruth Piwonka, noted author and author of local history; and Carole Osterink, blogger for Gossips of Rivertown (on Blogspot).

NOW, therefore it is proclaimed that, in recognition of women throughout the ages as storytellers and truth tellers, the Town of Kinderhook Town Board adopts this resolution in recognition of March 2023 as, “National Women’s History Month” and recognizes the vital and continued service of women, who have served as storytellers, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Supervisor Tim Ooms                                                                                                                                                                              March 6th, 2023 Councilman Phil Bickerton, Councilwoman Debbie Devine, Councilman Sean Casey, Councilman Jason Graham