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The Town Clerk's Office will be closed on Thursday March 23rd, 2023 and will re-open on Monday March 27th from 9-3 (closed from 11:30-1). Please call ahead.

Town of Kinderhook 2023 National Women’s History Month

“Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”

WHEREAS, March 2023 is National Women’s History Month and the theme is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”; and

WHEREAS, in our current environment of media and truth wars, the curtailing of citizens’ and human rights in some populations, record high inflation, food and housing insecurity, shortages in medicines and building materials and consumer goods, job losses and financial insecurity, women continue to be our storytellers - in print, on television and radio, and though artistic expression, both on stage and online and;

WHEREAS, women have served a major role in combating misinformation and documenting the human condition, thus serving the needs of the population of the United States and;

WHEREAS, in this year particularly, we are reminded of the importance of those who pursue the truth and give voice to that which would otherwise go unheard and unseen, who helped to promote and sustain the future, many of whom are women. Of particular note in Columbia County, we honor; Edna St. Vincent, a lyrical poet and playwright; Virginia Ann Catherine Cairns Callan, associate director of the Women’s Unit of the State of New York under Governor Rockefeller; Muriel K. Gibbons, a local reporter and public relations professional; Joan K. Davidson, the guiding force of Furthermore; Vicki Simons, publisher of the twice-weekly Independent newspaper; Edith Ruth Piwonka, noted author and author of local history; and Carole Osterink, blogger for Gossips of Rivertown (on Blogspot).

NOW, therefore it is proclaimed that, in recognition of women throughout the ages as storytellers and truth tellers, the Town of Kinderhook Town Board adopts this resolution in recognition of March 2023 as, “National Women’s History Month” and recognizes the vital and continued service of women, who have served as storytellers, locally, nationally, and internationally.

Supervisor Tim Ooms                                                                                                                                                                              March 6th, 2023 Councilman Phil Bickerton, Councilwoman Debbie Devine, Councilman Sean Casey, Councilman Jason Graham

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Please have all Hometown Hero Banner Application is by March 30th. We hope to have them ordered and dsiplayed for Memorial Day 2023. Thank You for your support!

On behalf of the Town Board,

April S. Pinkowski - Town Clerk 


July 5th through August 11 th for children entering K-7 th grade

Child’s Name: DOB: Address: ______________ Grade (Fall 2023) Mother's Name: Cell #:( Email: _________________________ Father's Name: Cell #:( Email: _________________

EMERGENCY CONTACT INFORMATION: Name: Phone: __________________________________________________________________

PICK UP ALTERNATES (Emergency contacts do not have to be listed again)

Name Cell Number __________________

Name Cell Number _______________________________________________________________ HEALTH INFORMATION: *COPY OF IMMUNIZATION RECORD MUST ACCOMPANY THIS FORM * Check which apply Asthma ___ Allergies _____ ADHD _____ Diabetes ______ Seizures _____ Other issues/notes:_______________

RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS: By signing below the participant assume any and all risk of injury associated with the participation in the named event, and herby holds the Town of Kinderhook, its agents, employees and assigns, harmless of and from any claim, cause of action and/or lawsuit related to the participation in such event. I hereby wish for my child to participate TOWN OF KINDERHOOK SUMMER PLAYGROUND PROGRAM 2023

Signature of participant or parent


Cost: $150- 6 WEEKS OR $35 PER WEEK PLEASE MAKE CHECK PAYABLE TO: TOWN OF KINDERHOOK FORMS WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED COMPLETE UNTIL REGISTRATION FORM, IMMUNIZATION FORMS AND PAYMENTS ARE SUBMITTED. AS PROGRAM FILLS UP, ALL REGISTRATION FORMS WITHOUT ALL FORMS WILL BE PLACED ONTO THE WAITING LIST. MAIL forms to: Barbara Berger, TOK Recreation Commission, PO Box P, Niverville, NY 12130. IN PERSON REGISTRATION will be held at the Town Hall, Church Street, Valatie on March 13th and March 27th , between 6 — 7 pm. For more information contact Barbara Berger at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Paid $ Date Cash Check # Other

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About Town: Water Infrastructure Updates

Have you seen crews working along Route 9? We're currently in the engineering phase of updating our outdated water infrastructure. Keep an eye here, and our facebook page for updates as the project moves forward!

We are happy to share that the new roadway in Volunteer Park has been completed! Many thanks our Highway Superintendent John Ruchel and all his fantastic employees, as well as Columbia County Soil and Water for their generous grant. The new road and parking lot will serve as access to our newly approved and soon to be built Disc Golf course. 

pdf Everhome Columbia


The Chairman’s Corner
Matt B. Murell
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Columbia County Office for the Aging: EverHome Columbia

Columbia County Office for the Aging Administrator Kevin McDonald and his team are expressing excitement over
a recently instituted non-for-profit pilot program designed to help county seniors remain in their homes.
Known as EverHome Columbia, Inc., Administrator McDonald and his staff explain that the program’s goal is to
demonstrate how a combination of in-home services and technology can be used to support the opportunity for
Columbia County residents to safely age in place.

Although currently in its pilot stage, in the first six months or so EverHome has already made on impact on the
lives of the handful or so enrolled individuals and their loved ones. The pilot will last 18 months and serve 400 or
so families. For those interested, contact the county Office for the Aging at 518-828-4258.
Once someone has qualified for the program, an EverHome Life Care Coordinator will perform a comprehensive
assessment and identify needs, prior to implementing a tailored care plan. Then comes the real meat-andpotatoes of the EverHome program: monitoring the daily activities of the individual on a 24/7 basis using
technology to track real-time health data, while along the way, seniors are reminded of such things as their
medication times.

The Life Care Coordinators, also known as Geriatric Care Managers, are licensed by New York State and have
many years of aging and health care expertise, with special training in conducting assessments, arranging care
services, monitor care and troubleshoot problems, and with assisting in the transition to home from a healthcare

Those considering the program may also view testimonial videos at
In one of the videos, a 91-year-old woman and her daughter discuss some of the thoughts they had on the
advisability – or not -- of mom remaining in her home before they learned of EverHome. In those days, the
daughter served as her mom’s caregiver, thereby essentially tying her life to that situation. Following EverHome
coming into their lives, the daughter has been able to live her life while secure in the knowledge that mom is able
to conduct her life in a more stable fashion.

One barrier, Administrator McDonald points out, is that “older people really don’t want to use technology.”
However, in the aforementioned video, the daughter explains her mom had “never touched any technology
whatsoever and she picked it up very easily. Before EverHome, I could never really leave her.”

Please be aware that beginning October 3rd, the building department will be open Tuesday and Thursday 7am to 11am and by appointment on Mondays. Kevin Haberland, our building inspector and code enforcer, is always available days by phone and email. 



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